Nassau Islands Attractions

Nassau is the perfect Gateway for Day Trips to the Bahamas Islands

Nassau & Paradise Island offer captivating day trips to nearby islands. Visitors can enjoy water activities and serene beaches. The Exuma Cays beckon with the famous Pig Beach, where wild pigs swim. The Exuma islands boast stunning landscapes, fascinating marinelife and underwater adventures.

One popular destination is Blue Lagoon Island, renowned for its azure waters and friendly dolphins. Rose Island, a short boat ride away, offers tranquil retreats and snorkeling.

These day trips promise diverse experiences, from interacting with marine life to exploring pristine shores, making Nassau & Paradise Island ideal gateways to the Bahamas’ natural wonders.

Day Trips to the Exumas

Visiting the Exuma Islands from Nassau unveils a paradise of unmatched beauty. Crystal-clear turquoise waters surround pristine white-sand beaches, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation and exploration.

While many will come to see the iconic swimming pigs on Big Major Cay (Pig Beach), there are many other attractions and landscapes to Enjoy. From snorkeling in Thunderball Grotto, a film location for James Bond, to discovering the picture perfect pristine white sand bars.

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Day Trips to Nearby Islands

Nassau offers enchanting day trips to nearby islands, providing diverse experiences just a short boat ride away.

Blue Lagoon Island beckons with its serene beaches and playful dolphins, creating a family-friendly retreat. Rose Island promises tranquility amidst pristine landscapes, ideal for relaxation and water activities. Pearl island is a popular getaway and Balmoral Island is ideally located as Sandals Resorts private island off Cable Beach.